Saturday, March 18, 2017

Special Friends

 I have been so lucky since I started quilting and blogging, over the years I have made many wonderful friends. Some of them I have met and others well they live a very long way away from my little part of Australia so we communicate through emails. Its always a treat to hear from them and catch up on the news. Chat about our current sewing projects or just talk about whatever is going on at the time.
 Every now and again we send each other little gifts and last week my sweetest friend Janita sent me a very happy package all the way from USA.  Inside was this beautiful mini quilt for my kitchen. Janita and I both love embroidery so this is extra special as I know how long these projects take to make,  Beautiful bowls decorated with tiny stitches.
 And the label is just adorable. I love it. It means so much that Janita would go to all this effort.
 And to top it off I also received these awesome ceramic measuring spoons. Janita and I have many discussions about The Pioneer Woman dishes, I love them but they are only available in the USA. So I will be cherishing these one forever.

Thankyou Janita you are such a very special friend to me and I can't wait until we get to meet. Not long to go. I want to give you a very big hug. xxxx
 I have been productive in my sewing room this week, I have sorted and organised some fabric. I like having some of it out on display. Its so pretty to look at.

 I have been building blocks and making a new quilt just for me. I'll share more of them next time. I have made 6 so far.
 I am also working on my first custom order, this customer would like a tote bag and a patchwork basket, I think I have almost accomplished that. What do you think?

Thankyou for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you find some time to sew. xxx

Friday, March 10, 2017

A fun blog hop

 I was thrilled to be asked to join in Janice's and Jen's blog hop and make this sweet little mini quilt, the pattern is delightful.
 Choosing which tiny quilt to make for my project was alot of fun, I looked through all my patterns then decided to just make something simple and fun.

As its Autumn in Australia I thought it only fitting to have a few leaves on the ground. (They were really just put there for the photo)
I haven't had time to bind my quilt yet but as its an extra long weekend I can sit back and enjoy doing this at my leisure.

Below is a list of all the other participants who are sharing their mini quilt today, please  pop on over to their blogs and take a look.

If you leave a comment on Jen and Janice's blog you go into the draw to win a prize so  be sure to enter.

 March 10 Reveal day.

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Anja Clyke at Anja Quilts
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Leanne Milsom at Lizzie the Quilter

March 11 Reveal Day

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Jennifer Strauser at Dizzy Quilter
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Projects

 I have a lot of secret sewing going on in my little studio this week, so even though I have been doing lots of sewing I don't have much I can share. I did finish this sweet little basket, its going to be filled with baby things and given to the new mum very soon. It was a fun little project.
 This little snippet is my brand new quilt design, its not due to be published until September. I wanted to share this photo of my binding. Don't you just love stripes. Especially black and white ones. I love how the stripes met on this corner of the quilt.
 I am in a block swap  with a group of ladies, each month we make a block while someone is making my block. It goes for 12 months. This is the block I just made, Its called Tree of Life. It looks challenging but really its not. This is going to be a beautiful quilt when the owner of these blocks puts it altogether.
 Just for fun I have started a new quilt, lots of little 9 patch blocks in the middle. We bought a new sofa so of course i have to have a quilt to match.
 The mess on the right is more little blocks waiting to be pressed.
I have been going through my quilts and I am just running out of room so I decided to list a few of my favourites for sale in my etsy shop. I would love for you to take a look, The link is in the sidebar of my blog.

Have a wonderful Sunday. xx

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Its all about finishing.

 This weekend has been all about finishing my projects that have been sitting around for a long time, and I mean a long time. Try 6 years. Its almost too embarrassing to mention.
 I got this quilt out of the cupboard and thought it was now or never to get this finished, I only had a little bit of quilting left to go. Very simple cross hatch in the dark squares. I was so happy with it.

 Now its binding time. Whoo hoo!!!
 Yesterday afternoon I got this cross stitch out and decided I wanted it for my laundry but as its really long I couldn't find a frame long enough, I think that's why I had it in the cupboard. So I decided to make it into a mini quilt.
 I'll share more when its all finished. I do love it all over again now.
 This afternoon I made another house block for our birthday swap, these are so much fun to make, I enjoy digging into my scrap basket and finding fabrics I had forgotten about.
 I found a little time to do some baking, I made  lollie rock cakes. My boys will loved these. Full of choc chips and jelly babies.
I hope you found some sewing time this weekend.

Have a wonderful week. xx

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fun sewing

 We have had a fun week in our house, Our eldest son Daniel turned 21 on Tuesday, He's a no fuss kind of kid and didn't want a party for his birthday  or even go out for dinner so I cooked a nice meal at home and we all celebrated together. It was a fun time. Can't believe one of my children is 21 though. Time goes so fast doesn't it.
 Speaking of time, Christmas has come and gone and  now I'm playing with some different fabrics, I had bought these gorgeous sweetwater fabrics last year and of course they sat folded in the cupboard for months, Then I decided to use them up and make something fun for Valentines day. This fabric is called First Crush and its full of hearts and fun sayings. Perfect for my table runner.
 Its with my quilter now being quilted so I can't wait to get it back and on my table.

 I joined a 12 month block swap and each month i get to make a block for someone and at the end of the year  we all get 12 blocks back. This is the 1st block I made. Its so pretty.
 I'm in another sewing swap with some other dear friends. What we did instead of sending gifts to each other for our birthdays, we decided to make quilt blocks so at the end of the year we will all have blocks to make a quilt, we chose a pattern called  In the Neighbourhood ( I think ) there is 8 of us in the group. So I was given 2 different blocks to make. I need to make them 8 times as i make for myself as well, so here are my 2.
 Arent they cute. There are 2 birthdays in February so I have been busy getting my blocks sewn.
So thats what has been keeping me busy throughout January. What have you been working on?

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some sewing to Share

 Hi there, I loved being on christmas holidays so much as I could sew all day long but now I'm back at work and sewing has taken a bit of back seat, I still try and sew for at least an hour before work each day which keeps me very happy. I have a magazine project I'm working on and this morning I sewed the last block, now to sew it all together, I love the Ohio star. The sweetwater fabric called Varsity is a favourite of mine to.
 I also got this table runner almost complete, just the border left to go now. These blocks are 6 inch and very fiddly but very cute in my Cookie Exchange fabric. Another favourite from Sweetwater fabics.

 I loved this recipe print and it was one those prints where if you cut it up you kind of lose the recipes so  I decided to keep this piece together and make a little basket. Isn't it the sweetest.
 I'm all inspired again to start working on my smitten quilt. I kind of got side tracked with other projects and  while English paper piecing is very relaxing its also very slow. I cut out quite a few blocks so I have enough to keep me going for a couple of weeks.
 We are planning another USA trip later this year so I want to take this quilt with me and photograph it in America. Does that sound silly. I'm trying to use all Minnick & Simpson fabrics.
 I love this red and cream combination.
 I also wanted to share 2 beautiful gifts I recieved from 2 dear friends. This gorgeous embroidery was made by sweet Christine who lives in the UK, you can see her blog here, she makes amazing projects.
Look at this cute peg bag, its just adorable.made for me by Tracee, I love it in the tilda fabrics.

Thankyou friends.

Ok I had better get back to my sewing,
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. xx

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

 Happy New year to you all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I have compiled a few of my 2016 projects created and designed by me. They were all such fun to make.

Now I'm planning a new list for this year. What projects would you like to tackle this year?

Happy Sewing. xx


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